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“Preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell

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June 11, 2023

Latest News

May 11, 2023 // Bluff City Life

EES Success Academy is excited to partner with the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services to bring our spectacular Publishing Program to students with disabilities here in Memphis. For far too long, students with disabilities have been living in a state of silence, but no more. 

I'm excited to walk this group of amazing young people from conceptualization to completion of their very own nonfiction books. Their finished products are going to serve as an income stream for them AND they are going to change the way we befriend, parent, teach and give care to this amazing population. 

Latest News

May 5, 2023 // WREG Bright Spot

EES Success Academy was determined to be a Bright Spot in the city of Memphis for teaching students to write books and use them as an income stream.

This year, EES Success Academy partnered with local record label, Live the Music. Live the Music producers taught our students the essentials of Music Production. Some of our students got a chance to write, perform and publish their own music. 

This was very important. Many times, students are interested in the music industry because they have musical talent, however, they do not know what it takes to write, record and perform their own music. Live the Music spent a whole Trimester pouring into our students - taking them through every stage of the process. Now our students have an additional income stream consisting of the hard work they put into this process. 

How many people can say they have a song on YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and etcetera? Our students can!!!

Click the links or go to your favorite music outlet to listen!

Latest News

May 1, 2023 // Student Original Music Releases

Latest News 

April 28, 2023 // 2nd Annual Young Writer's Expo & Kindergarten and Senior Graduation

Tonight was an amazing night of recognition and celebration. We celebrated the graduation and accomplishments of all our students. The audience was amazed at what our students - young, old, and special needs were able to accomplish this school year. 

We the faculty of EES Success Academy offer heartfelt thanks to our families and sponsors for making tonight happen.  We also thank Reginal Johnson, Sr. of High Ground News for covering the event.

Latest News

April 28, 2023 //2nd Annual Young Writer's Expo & Kindergarten and Senior Graduation 

Well, we've done it again!  All of our student body has written and published their books - grades K-12, including our special needs students! Exactly who does that? 

WE do that because we are SUCCESS!

Join us for a wonderful time of celebration! Come prepared to support our students by purchasing multiple books. 

We have a special surprise this year as we have partnered with local record label Live the Music. They have taught our students about the business side of the music industry. Additionally, they have worked with students to bring their orignal songs into fruition. Their music will be available beginning April 28, 2023 on Spotify! Not only are we celebrating published authors we are celebrating published musicians, singers, and rappers!

Come out and support our young people. Tax deductable monetary and in kind donations will be accepted at the event.

Latest News

April 21, 2023 //The Starlight Ball

Our students will be ending the year in style at the Starlight Ball. It will be a fun night of dinner, dancing and photos all while rocking prom formal. Parents are taking advantage of attending this event for a dreamy date night.

Latest News 

December 15, 2022 //Snowflake Ball

Our students began their Christmas holiday break with an enchanted evening of dance, hors'dervs, and snow punch. They enjoyed each moment as they welcomed the season in with their friends. The first dance of the night was specal as sons asked their mothers, "may I have this dance?" Later, when the line dances were played, parents and instructors got in a couple dances too!  It was a glorious night!

Latest News

February 5, 2023 //Student Business Expo

Today, our students participated in a Business Expo! They made money as they presented their products and services to the public. 

Many thanks to Tabican Technology Solutions for the set up!

Latest News

July 5, 2022 //Now Enrolling 2022-2023 School Year with LaBarre Images

Today, LaBarre Images brought the studio to EES Success Academy.  The afternoon was spent with Dr. Jones discussing the specifics of the Back to Basics focus at the Academy. We also pinpointed how the six pillars of EES-SA are changing the lives of our students and families!

Registration is now open. Space is limited, so reserve your child's seat now! 

Many thanks to Derrick and Kiera LaBarre!

Latest News 

June 29, 2022 //One Room School House Education 

On Thursday’s Mid-South View Point #radioshow, Dr. Candace Jones and Pastor Tommy Wilson from Expanded Educational Services. We’ll discuss among many educational opportunities the Success Academy. The curriculum developed by      Dr. Jones, champions a One Room School House approach. Learn more THU 6/29 3PM #AM640 FM93.7 #FM100.7 #MemphisRadio or stream live at #education #oneroomschool #successacademy

Lastest News 

May 21, 2022 // The Young Writer's Expo

 Success Academy, a nonprofit 501c3 K-12 school, will present its first Young Writers Expo on Saturday, May 21, from 2pm - 4pm.

                                            About this Event

The expo, featuring the original published works of students ages 5 to 17 in grades K-12, will take place at EES’ Success Academy campus, 5270 Riverdale Road in Memphis. Students will participate in a panel discussion about the writing and publishing process, a book reading, a book sale, and a signing. Donations for extablishing the school's Writing Resource Center and publication costs will be accepted. All donations are tax deductible.


June 2021 Stakeholder Newsletter

Latest News

May 19, 2022 // The LEGENDARY Otis Sanford visits EES Success Academy!!!

Today, Memphis Journalist and The University of Memphis Journalism professor, Otis Sanford stopped by to meet EES Success Academy students and congratulate them for being published authors who earn royalties. He also gave kudos to the school for being the only school to ever publish students' and staff members' original fiction and nonfiction works. "He shared such profound wisdom relative to how to navigate the writing process and we are so honored that a man of his stature took time out to come by and encourage and support our students". -Candace Jones, EdD


Prof. Otis Sanford began his professional journalism career in 1975 in Jackson, Mississippi at The Clarion-Ledger as an entertainment and feature writer. He later covered police and local government at The Clarion-Ledger. 

In 1994 Prof. Sanford returned to The Commercial Appeal as deputy managing editor and in 2000 he launched The Desoto Appeal daily edition and pioneered The Teen Appeal high school student newspaper in 1997. In 2002 Prof. Sanford was promoted to managing editor and in 2007 he was named editor for opinion and editorials. In that role, he started writing a weekly column for the Sunday Viewpoint section. He also launched the citizen editorial board to give readers an opportunity to help shape the newspaper's editorial voice. In 2008 he served as chairman of the Mid-America Press Institute and in 2010 Sanford was elected president of the Associated Press Managing Editors Association.

In January 2011, Prof. Sanford joined the University of Memphis Department of Journalism faculty. He currently teaches Media Writing, Mass Media, Diversity & Society, Survey of Mass Communication and Reporting. He continues to write the weekly Viewpoint column for The Commercial Appeal and does daily political commentary for WREG-TV Channel 3 in the Memphis. He also serves as a panelist and co-host of Informed Sources, a weekly public affairs show on Channel 3.

Books by Otis Sanford

Latest News

January 9, 2022 // Young Entrepreneurs Expo

This weekend, EES Success Academy students participated in a local Business Expo. They were super excited to set up their booth and present their products and or services to the public for the first time. "Peoples' response to the student entrepreneurs was priceless. People just don't expect children to be mature, respondible or business oriented. I always tell the children, you are a secret weapon because no one sees you coming. They will overlook you or dismiss you as just another child until they begin to engage you in conversation. Then they will KNOW not to sleep on you!" ~Dr. Jones


June 2021 Stakeholder Newsletter


July 15, 2022 School Report Card

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