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Organizational Leadership Capacity Building

Move your organization from ordinary to extraordinary with our practical overarching performance enhancement techniques. Let us create a strategic plan for you today! We specialize in creating comprehensive customized solutions designed for your organization's unique needs and based on your "organizational effectiveness data analysis profile".

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About Dr. Candace

Dr. Candace Jones, Executive Director of Expanded Educational Services can also help you with start up activities such as initial insight and cogitation, creating your business plan, 501c3 and more. Complete the informational form below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jones.

Dr. Candace Jones’ expertise in expansive organizational effectiveness will catapult your organization to heights of popularity, distinction and productivity. She has lead reformative restructuring in many industries from area school districts, governmental offices to leading corporations.

Additionally, Dr. Jones’ passion to help people transform themselves into their best selves fuels everything she does. She is available for personal coaching, motivational and keynote speaking.

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Dr. Candace Jones


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Dr. Candace Jones' Academic Publications 

Effects of Carousel Brainstorming on Student Engagement and Academic Performance in a Summer Enrichment Program.

Though the Storms Keep on Raging: A Christian's Guide to Weathering the Storms of Life by Candace Washington, Ed.D.

Trust and the Working Relationships of Principals and Central Office Administrators, by Candace Washington, Ed.D.

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