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Summer Business Challenge

By popular demand, this 30-Day Challenge is brought to you by EES Success Academy K12 School.  It is an incubator of sorts and an abbreviation of the Business course taught during the school year at EES Success Academy.  

What our parents are saying about our business program:

I love Success Academy! My children are business saavy at a young age. They are working hard for themselves, saving and putting away money at a youg age. Success Academy advised us parents not to allow the kids to blow through their earnings but to put it up for thier future. Where was this school when I was young??!!

Phillip Shipp, Rhett & Raphaella's Dad

30-Day Summer Challenge Price

This course is available Saturdays at 1pm in July of 2023!
There are some free spots available. Must meet income requirements.



SIGN UP FOR YOUR 1 hr session.

Singleton Community Center 

7266 3rd Road,

Bartlett, Tennessee 38135

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