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School  Resources


EES School Resources equip school leaders via:

1. Training
2. Providing Resources
3. Oversight

  1. Training

Expanded Educational Services’ School Leadership Training Institute – for school start ups and those seeking accreditation. 

  1. Thoroughly covers each area of the EES  Reflective Practitioner & School Self Assessment Review Manual

  2. Provides leadership training

  3. Provides professional development

  4. Instructor  training and  certification

  5. Building code compliance help: A  program designed to help schools get their building up to code or to find another building that meets code. 

  6. Assists school in the compliance process. 

  7. School who successfully complete the Institute, ‘graduate’ prepared for accreditation.

 2.  Resources

 Simple checklists to help schools see where they are in the start up or accreditation process and thus what to work on before the review process


3.  Oversight 

Site visits and technical assistance.

Expanded Educational Services’ training and resources follow an organizational oversight model which consists of school conceptualization, start up procedures, and training including an exhaustive review of school performance with particular attention to ensuring there is efficiency in school leadership, student academic achievement, healthy climate, and facilities requirements. 


EES oversight is performed and informed by processes that provide supervision and watchful care to an organization. Through its fundamental elements of audit, evaluation, monitoring, inspection, and investigation, EES oversight helps the school enhance its effectiveness, productivity, and profitability. 


Essentially, the Expanded Educational Services process requires that the following elements are readily observable at all times:

  1. A clear direction represented by the school mission and vision statements.

  2. A fluid curriculum that fosters successful student advancement through the teaching and learning process. The curriculum must include a failsafe to ensure students are able successfully matriculate through it and obtain academic success in addition to proper graduation standards.  

  3. Reflective academic and leadership practices on behalf of teachers and school administrators are documented via teacher/instructional leader and or student portfolios. 

  4. Stellar record keeping relative to student records, school finance and facility maintenance.

  5. Schools must provide proof of concept annually.


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