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School Principals & Directors!

Are you spending too much time dealing with disciplinary referrals?

Are disruptive behaviors from the same students increasing instead of decreasing after intervention?

Are you needing to suspend more, but are wary of the consequences?

Are your teachers becoming discouraged?

Are you experiencing excessive teacher turn over?

Do you have a faculty who struggle emotionally?

EES is Dedicated to Providing the Solution You Need

We provide specially formulated activities for students which are presented as fun games and learning experiences but are uniquely designed:

  • to provide less exclusionary disciplinary practices

  • to decrease the liklihood that a teacher would have to write a referral

  • to be more proactive about preventing negative behaviors

  • to build emotionally healthy individuals

Emotional health and well being leads to increased compliance in regard to behavior. School directors and principals, call us today and let us reduce the time you spend dealing with disruptive student behaviors so that you can focus on ensuring your school is conducive to teaching and learning. 

We also have team building and team strengthening workshops just for adults. The very process we use for students is also beneficial for adults.

Call and schedule your consultation today!


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