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Support our Student Music Publishing 

To support the work of Expanded Educational Services, Inc.'s Success Academy, make all monetary dontations here. For in kind donations, call the office at 901-265-3344 or email Alicia Simpson at

Tuition is $8,000 per school year for grades K-12. 

Donate Today

All gifts are tax deductable. For reocurring sponsorships, contact Alicia Simpson for details.  

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Dates of Importance

Fall 2023-2024 REGISTRATION

Saturday July 8, 2022 12pm - 2pm

First Day of School 

Monday August 14, 2023 8am - 12pm

Upcoming Events

This school year, we are super excited to announce a partnership with local record label Live the Music. Students who have musical ability and desire to be a recording artist, will have an opportunity to record an origninal single this year!

Student Authored Books

See what we've accomplished this school year! You can purchase our student authored books HERE.

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