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Breathe, Move & Think like a Level 5 Teacher!


The EES Saturday Seminar takes place:

July 21

9am - 12noon

Breakfast served at 8:30am

Tired of being classified as a Level 1, 2 or 3 teacher?

Want to cross over from Level 4 to 5?

We will be sharing research supported best practices coupled with assertive discipline techniques that when combined with a working knowledge of the effective integration of learning objectives with common core standards will be sure to catapult you into the realm of Level 5 success. Rigor infused lesson plan creation, writing and integration with the new Tennessee Instructional Model will be taught as well.

Workshop Leaders:

Dr. Candace Jones

Dr. Mindy Newman-Nelson

Dr. Daniel Ashcroft

Registration Opens: April 30, 2022

Location: Home Office

Seminar Fee: $850 


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