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Differentiating Instruction Seminar

EES will host its Annual DI Seminar at the The Grove at Red Lake on August 13 - 16, 2013. Curriculum and Instruction experts will be onsite providing relevant opportunities for teachers to collect, disaggregate, and make sense of data collected from the teaching and learning process. The event will be held in the Main Meeting Hall.

Topics & Presenters:

  • Exploring the role of instructional expert and its three integral dimensions.

  • -Dr.Terry Fleisher                   August 13, 2012                  9am - 2pm

  • Understanding the dynamic and continuous process of using multiple methods of data collection.

  • - Dr. Katrina Higgins             August 14 , 2012                 9am - 11am

  • Discovering how to effectively measure student outcomes against expected performance standards.

  • - Dr. Kenneth Wilcox                August 15, 2012                  9am - 11am    

  • Determining proper methods of differentiating instruction based upon student developmental needs and cognitive abilities.

  • -Dr. Candace Washington     August 16, 2012                   9am - 2pm


Attendance: $725

Available Discounts:

  • $685 (Early Bird Registration - before 7/1/12)

  • $675 District Staff/Faculty

  • $665 Students (Student ID required on the day of conference)

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Questions? Contact: 

Tammy Blanchett, 901.265.3344 or

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