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About EES Success Academy!

Expanded Educational Services was founded on the tenets of Enrichment, Enhancement, Success. Here are how those tenets will be evidenced in Success Academy:

Expanded Educational Services Success Academy is an untraditional hybrid homeschool based on the Back to the Basics and One Room School House concepts. EES-SA has six pillars that undergird all we do: publishing, business, dual enrollment, early grade completion, echo assessment and mental health instruction. 

The Anatomy of Success Academy

6 Pillars of Success

We invite you to get to know our K12 hybrid school!

6 Pillars of Success


All students are required to start and run their own business as part of their  academic  program. They are taught the tenets of entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, advertising and business skills as part of the curriculum. The purpose is to graduate students who are ready to live on their own, care for themselves financially and make notable contributions to their community by establishing hope, jobs and legacy.


Students will author and publish at least one book per academic year. They complete this task using The Write Way book writing strategy invented by our founder, Dr. Candace Jones. All  our students' books can be purchased via Amazon.

Mental Health

Healthy Self-Image & Character

Success Academy places a strong emphasis on the importance of good character. Students are impressed upon to consistently intentionally work on perfecting their character by means of self reflection and goal setting which includes questioning their own motives, considering others before themselves and learning empathy by actively considering what it might feel like to personally experience the concerns of others. Educational strategies to help students work through and triumph over trauma are available for those who need them.

Early Grade Completion

Students who are able to complete their grade level goals before the end of the year will begin working on the next grade level goals. It is possible that some students will graduate before age 18. The 2022-2023 school year resulted in one kindergarten graduate and three high school graduates ages 14, 16 and 16! Each of our high school graduates have college credits already and are mere classes away from an associates degree. Next year, they will finish up their associates degree program and move seamlessly into their bachelor program.

Echo Assessment

Students are retaught and retested as many times as necessary to ensure they master their grade level goals. 

Teaching is like selling. If no one buys; then you haven't sold. If no one learns; then you haven’t  taught! ~ John Dewey

Dual Enrollment 

High schoolers will be dually enrolled at a partner college to earn an associate’s degree at the same time they graduate from high school. Students who would prefer an alternate path will work towards obtaining licensure by 12th grade graduation in various vocational/technical fields including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, and or contracting.


             The University of Memphis

    Tennessee College of Applied Technology

               Moore Technical Institute

     Southwest Tennessee Community College

Success Method

Success Academy's program revolves around the tenets of repetition, memorization, project-based learning, experiential learning, character education, team work, developing and exhibiting effective verbal and written communication skills, developing a healthy self-image and establishing positive and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Success Model

Once upon a time, education was simple. It was basic and not convoluted. Children sat in a one room schoolhouse and they achieved. They advanced in higher levels of learning as their teacher knew them as individuals and ensured that they received what they needed academically. 

They were not compared to and forced to compete with their peers across the state and nation. The focus was whether or not they were working to the height of their own potential. That was then. It is time to revisit and champion the strategies of old. They were effective. We now introduce to you, Success Academy, for that time has come again!

Success Academy is a hybrid educational concept with an academic year that is comprised of three trimesters in operation four days per week 8am -12pm Monday through Thursday. Families complete assignments at home on Fridays. 

Thoughts from our Founder

"We have expanded our services into the launch of a K-12 school, Success Academy, that will meet the academic and social needs of students who are currently facing challenges inherent in traditional education. 

Some students simply need to be challenged but cannot be due to their teacher’s class load being too high or curricular restraints that will not allow a student to advance past the current grade level in the same year. 

Additionally, some students are suffering due to trauma and other behavioral health issues. If these factors are ignored, success will scarcely be attainable. To meet the aforementioned growing need for Memphis area students, EES Success Academy is providing a unique program, strategically designed to ensure that every student attains success. 

Further, Success Academy exists solely to ensure that children learn and grow in a nurturing environment absent of the constraints inherent in traditional school bureaucracy and budgetary restraints. We are an alternative for parents who want to secure a healthy, flourishing, successful future for their children."

~Dr. Jones

Learn More About EES Success Academy

A Conversation with Dr. Jones: Panel Interview

See what our community stakeholders have to say about EES-SA. 

On Authorship & Publishing for a Grade

EES Success Academy student talks about how it feels to be working on her original novel.

Dates of Importance

Fall 2023-2024 REGISTRATION

Friday July 14, 2023  10am - 6pm

First Day of School 

Monday August 14, 2023 8am - 12pm

Supply Lists

Upcoming Events

This school year, we are super excited to announce a partnership with a local record label (company TBA soon). Students who have musical ability and desire to be a recording artist, will have an opportunity to record an original  single this year!

 ​Student Authored Books!

See what we've accomplished this school year!  You can purchase our student authored books HERE.

Summer Reading Skill Practice

Summer Math Skill Practice

Summer Reading List

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